*Top 13 Job Interview Tips

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Nervous about your Interview? Here's 13 Job Interview Tips to Help Steer You to Success!


Top 13 Job Interview Tips

Is the excitement of getting an interview starting to be replaced by fear? Don’t Panic! Here’s 13 Interview Tips that may just calm those dreaded interview nerves & settle you for success!


1. Research, Research, Research

It’s true what they say; ’Fail to plan, and you plan to fail’. Without a doubt - You will be asked specific questions about the company, they want to see that you are interested in the company as well as the money that comes with the job, so make sure you've done your homework on the company history, objectives, products & services. Also take a look at the industry the company applies its trade & any specific developments within that industry.


2. Practice & Prepare Your Answers

I know you can’t predict the future. However, there are some questions that you pretty much can guarantee you will be asked.  Click here to view a list of the 10 most commonly asked questions regarding your personal strengths & weaknesses. If you do your research as stated above, then try to include the company & its industry in your answers, highlight your experience/skills & as to why it will benefit the company (Why you are the best candidate for the job). 


3. Dress to Impress

I know it should be what’s on the inside that counts – It does! But, the truth is that you will be judged from the minute you walk into your interview, before you’ve even said a word. Make sure your clothes fit & are in good condition, shoes polished or well kept & don’t go crazy with the bling! It’s not compulsory to wear a suit, but they say dress one level above the job position applied for to show desire for the job.


4. Relax

Plan your journey the night before & always allow extra time for any unexpected delays. Preparation is crucial to keeping your cool. Remember to smile, speak clearly & that your interviewers are probably just as nervous as you are.


5. Ask Questions

Make sure you demonstrate your desire & interest in the job by preparing a few questions for the interviewer. Prepare a minimum of five questions that will give you a little more information about the job.


6. First Impressions Count

Always greet your interviewer with a firm handshake, smile & good eye contact. Try to make small talk during the walk from the reception to the interview room. That initial period is an excellent opportunity to show your personality & sell yourself before you enter the interview.


7. Your CV.

Re-read your CV & update if necessary. It’s crucial you know the information on your CV as your interviewer will refer to it & ask questions.


8. Don’t Talk Gibberish!

Remember to relax & answer questions properly. If you need a few moments to collect your thoughts then do so. It’s not a race & no one will begrudge you for taking your time to answer correctly.


9. Why Should They Hire You?

Usually the job advertisement will list qualities they are looking for – a good communicator, good punctuality & a team player. Give examples of how you can demonstrate these skills & talk about your experience & skill set that relate to the job & company.


10. Stay Positive

Interviewers want to see someone enthusiastic & showing desire for the job. They will be trying to picture what it would be like working with you on a day to day basis. Show energy, a sense of humour & smile!


11. Body Language.

Sit upright & keep good eye contact throughout the interview. Do not fold your arms, lean back or stare at the walls. Good posture, eye contact & use of your hands when answering questions is crucial.


12. If in doubt – Ask!

Make sure you clarify anything that you are unsure of.  If you are not certain about any part of the interview, ask for clarification at the end of the interview.


13. Manners

It’s important to remember your manners!  Always express why you are interested in the job & the company.  Tell them that it was a pleasure meeting them & thank them for their time.


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